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Senior Staff

Camp Allen Summer Camp’s highest desire is that campers leave their week of summer camp with a new, deeper knowledge and experience of their Heavenly Father’s great love for them. Our hope and prayer is that Camp Allen summer camp opens the door for campers to either develop or deepen their relationship with God. The role of Senior Staff is to enable such spiritual developments by ensuring a smoothly facilitated, enthusiastically lead, and positively programmed summer camp experience for campers. Senior Staff live at camp late May through early August and serve Camp Allen summer camp by seamlessly managing camp logistics, assisting Session Directors, disciplining RCCs, and caring for campers. Senior Staff must be 18 years or older and have completed their first year of college.

Resident Cabin Counselors

The heartbeat of our summer camp ministry is to enable campers to experience the love of Christ and grow in knowledge of their heavenly Father. Resident Cabin Counselors have the highest impact on campers as they get to stay in cabins with campers, disciple and mentor campers, and care for campers. RCCs play an extremely pivotal role at summer camp and as such will be held to a high standard and given responsibilities accordingly. RCCs must be 18 years or older (at time of employment) and have completed their senior year of high school.

Cabin Counselors

A Cabin Counselor is a volunteer that stays in the cabins with campers and serve alongside their Resident Cabin Counselor to care for campers and manage cabin dynamics. The CC role allows high school students 16 years and older to gain experience in a ministry setting. This role also serves as a stepping stone for those who wish to serve as a RCC in the future.


Floater volunteer positions are available to students 15 years or older at time of service. Floaters stay in directors quarters and are there to assist and serve the campsite session director and RCCs in whatever ways are helpful. Session Directors will choose floaters based on individual applications.

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