Camp Allen Sponsored Events Listing

This calendar only contains events that are sponsored by Camp Allen or the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. Individual organizations are not listed unless Camp Allen is facilitating their event registration online.

April 2016

April 28-30 EDOT Invite, Welcome, Connect - This summit is for clergy and lay leadership who not only want to see their congregations grow, but who want them to flourish and transform into vital, creative communities of faith. Our goal is to educate participants on how to create intentional and transformational newcomer ministries.

May 2016

May 05 Starry Nights & Campfire Lights - Register Online
May 10 May FAM Tour - Register Online
May 11-12 EDOT First Time In Charge
May 13-15 EDOT Iona School For Ministry
May 13-15 Birds and Blooms - Register Online
May 13-14 Fishers of Women Retreat - Register Online
May 13-15 EDOT - Discovery Retreat - Register Online
May 17-18 EDOT Committee for the Diaconate
May 20-22 EDOT - Recovery Ministry Retreat

June 2016

June 05-09 Community of Hope International - Register Online
June 05 - August 05 Summer Camp 2016 - 90% full! - Register Online
June 09 EDOT Commission on Hispanic Ministry
June 10-11 EDOT FIND
June 10-12 EDOT Iona School For Ministry
June 11-12 Iona Graduation Guests - Register Online
June 13-15 Iona Initiative Gathering - Register Online
June 14-17 Camp Allen Needlepoint Retreat - Register Online
June 14-17 Episcopal Cursillo
June 14 June FAM Tour - Register Online
June 17-18 EDOT Hispanic Lay Leadership Conference

July 2016

July 12 July Fam Tour - Register Online
July 29-30 EDOT FIND Discernment
July 29-30 EDOT Episcopal Church Women
July 29-30 EDOT Daughters of the King
July 29-31 Summer Camp For Moms - Register Online

August 2016

August 04-05 EDOT Curate Program
August 09 August FAM Tour
August 11-14 Episcopal Cursillo
August 24-25 EDOT Commission On Ministry
August 25 EDOT Standing Committee

September 2016

September 02-04 Camp Allen Labor Day Family Camp - Register Online
September 06-07 EDOT Executive Board
September 06-09 Camp Allen Needlepoint Retreat
September 08-09 EDOT Curate Program
September 09-11 EDOT Happening
September 09-11 EDOT Iona School For Ministry
September 09-11 EDOT Y E S
September 09-10 EDOT Daughters of the King
September 13-14 EDOT Commission on Hispanic Ministry
September 13
September 14-16 EDOT Episcopal Church Women
September 23-24 Gramps Camp - Register Online
September 30 - October 02 Camp Allen Fishers of Men Retreat - Register Online

October 2016

October 06-07 EDOT Curate Program
October 07-09 EDOT Iona School For Ministry
October 11 October FAM Tour
October 13 Starry Nights Houston
October 14-16 Camp Allen Endurance Retreat - Register Online
October 14-16 EDOT Daughters of the King
October 18-19 EDOT Committee for the Diaconate
October 23-26 EDOT Fall Clergy Conference

November 2016

November 09-11 EDOT Youth Ministers Retreat
November 10-11 EDOT Curate Program
November 14-16 EDOT Bishops' Retreat
November 14-16 EDOT Standing Committee
November 15 November FAM Tour
November 16-20 EDOT Formation Advisory Committee
November 18-20 EDOT Happening
November 18-20 EDOT Iona School For Ministry
November 18-20 EDOT Y E S
November 18-20 Brazos Conference - Register Online

December 2016

December 06-09 Camp Allen Needlepoint Retreat
December 07 Camp Allen Holiday Steak Night
December 07 - October 09 Episcopal Cursillo
December 08 EDOT Commission on Hispanic Ministry
December 09-11 Camp Allen - Holiday in the Pines - Register Online
December 09-11 EDOT Iona School For Ministry
December 13-14 EDOT Executive Board
December 13 December FAM Tour