This calendar only contains events that are sponsored by Camp Allen or the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. Individual organizations are not listed unless Camp Allen is facilitating their event registration online.

June 2015

June 04 EDOT Great Commission Foundation
June 05-06 EDOT FIND Graduation
June 05 EDOT Strategic Planning for Grantees
June 07-09 EDOT Iona Initiative Gathering - Register Online
June 09 Familiarization "FAM" Tour - Register Online
June 12-13 EDOT Hispanic Lay Ministry Conference
June 12-14 EDOT Iona School For Ministry
June 17-18 Weather Update - As Tropical Storm Bill makes landfall, we want to take this opportunity to reassure camper families that your children are safe (and having an awesome time) at camp. Camp Allen is positioned on high ground with the closest major water shed ten miles away and can easily handle excessive rainfall. With that said, we are monitoring the weather closely with campers' safety as our first priority. Campers will participate in activities indoors during inclement weather and would be transported to the Conference Center in the unlikely event of any foreseeable weather emergency. 

July 2015

July 14 Familiarization "FAM" Tour - Register Online
July 14-17 Needlepoint Retreat - Register Online
July 17-19 Summer Camp for Moms - Register Online
July 24 EDOT FIND Discernment

August 2015

August 04 Familiarization "FAM" Tour - Register Online
August 06-07 EDOT Curate Program
August 07-08 Episcopal Church Women
August 13 EDOT - General Convention Clergy Day - Register Online
August 26-27 EDOT Commission on Ministry
August 27-28 EDOT Committee for the Diaconate, Bi-Vocational

September 2015

September 03-04 EDOT Curate Program
September 04-06 Labor Day Family Camp 2015 - Register Online
September 08-09 EDOT Executive Board
September 11-12 EDOT Daughters of the King
September 11-13 EDOT Happening & Y E S, Iona School For Ministry
September 15 Familiarization "FAM" Tour - Register Online
September 15-16 EDOT Commission on Hispanic Ministry
September 15 EDOT Church Planters
September 18-19 Gramps Camp - Register Online

October 2015

October 06 Familiarization "FAM" Tour - Register Online
October 08-09 EDOT Curate Program
October 09-11 Fishers of Men - Register Online
October 09-11 EDOT Iona School For Ministry
October 09-11 The Adventure - A Parent/Teen Challenge Course Retreat - Register Online
October 15-17 EDOT Formation Advisory Committee
October 18-21 EDOT Fall Clergy Conference
October 19-21 EDOT Christian Formation
October 22-24 EDOT Christian Education Advisory Council
October 29 EDOT Great Commission Foundation

November 2015

November 10 Familiarization "FAM" Tour - Register Online
November 10 EDOT Church Planters
November 11-13 EDOT Youth Ministers Retreat
November 12-13 EDOT Curate Program
November 13-15 EDOT Iona School For Ministry
November 20-22 EDOT Y E S, Happening
November 20-22 Episcopal Church Women Annual Meeting
November 25-28 Dossett Family Reunion - Register Online
November 26 Thanksgiving Celebration - Register Online

December 2015

December 02 EDOT Great Commission Foundation
December 04-06 EDOT Iona School For Ministry, The Hispanic Young Adult
December 08 Familiarization "FAM" Tour - Register Online
December 08 EDOT Commission on Hispanic Ministry
December 08-09 EDOT Executive Board
December 11-13 Holiday in the Pines 2015 - Register Online